Manship Theatre: Michael McDowell presents Piano Legends

  • Manship Theatre 100 Lafayette Street Baton Rouge, LA, 70801 United States

Michael McDowell presents Piano Legends

You've heard it all before, but never like this! Michael McDowell, the pianist without a plan, continues to thrill audiences with his comedic wit and masterful improvisation on the keyboard. This year he's set his sights on the music of Elton John, Billy Joel & other piano legends. Guaranteed to surprise you, his uniquely improvised arrangements of some of history's most iconic piano tunes are a unique combination of color, expression and the energy only he can infuse into a performance.

McDowell literally pulls songs out of a hat and makes titles work together - weaving in and out of pieces ranging from classical to rock and even recent pop hits. A true modern piano virtuoso, no two performances are ever the same for this young maestro, making each virtuosic concert truly one of a kind.