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Attorneys of Kean Miller present John Fullbright and Kevin Welch

John Fullbright grew up on an 80 acre farm outside of Okemah, Oklahoma (home of Woody Guthrie). His career started early, as did his success and acclaim. His 2012 album "From the Ground Up" scored a Grammy nomination. Appearances on national TV (David Letterman's show, etc) and high profile concerts led to national tours and numerous awards. John has been honored by the Americana Music Association and by the ASCAP at their Foundation Awards Ceremony. Fullbright's second album, "Songs", garnered positive reviews and comparisons to legendary artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Townes Van Zandt. Through it all, John Fullbright remains fiercely independent and is still the same good guy he started out as.

Nashville songwriter Kevin Welch has deep Oklahoma roots. When he relocated his career to Tennessee, Welch began scoring hits as both a performer and a songwriter. Kevin scored five hit singles of his own and has had his songs covered by a myriad of artists including Garth Brooks, Waylon Jennings, Trisha Yearwood, Don Williams, Moe Brandy and Patty Loveless. Kevin often plays live with artists he has influenced including his son Dustin Welch, his daughter Savannah Welch (Trishas) and John Fullbright. Kevin is also a member of the songwriting collective The Dead Reckoners, a group for which his record label was named. 

After retiring from a massively successful career as a graphic artist, Martin Flanagan made his songwriting hobby into a career. His songs range from sensitive to downright hilarious and have been covered by several artists. A cover of his ode to fellow songwriter Guy Clark (Open a Vein) became an international hit for his friend Dennis Ledbetter. Martin is also one third of the songwriting collective The Three Amigos. Take a minute to look Martin up online. Search "Martin Flanagan Illegitimate Son of a Legend," and watch a nine minute documentary by filmmaker Jamie Firnberg. It just might be the most interesting story you have ever seen!